Alec and Simone Make Dinner Plans

“Well, Al,” Simone hissed through another wave of pain, “it’s nice to meet you, but us standing around in an alley is not going to get me laid.” Simone turned to walk away and stumbled, splashing knees-first into a puddle.

Alec gargled a mouthful of sour alley-water and spat. “You don’t look so hot, girl,” he said, helping Simone to her feet. “Jonesing bad, huh? I know what that’s like. So, what’s your poison?”

“I require a man’s living essence,” Simone replied weakly. “Taken during the act… of coitus. Frankly, vampire, I don’t think you can help me in either department.”

Alec frowned. “Living essence? Oh, you mean… OK, yuck… but I drink blood, so who am I to judge, right?” Alec scratched his head, thinking. “There’s the all-night peep-shows over on the South Side. Plenty of horny guys down there… but I’m thinking a girl like you wants something a little more… refined. High class.” Alec snapped his fingers.

“I know just the place! Stick with me sweet-heart, cause tonight, we’re both going to feast.”

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