Finding A Virgin's Blood In This City At One In The Morning

“Er,â€? Simon replied.

“Spit it out, kid. She finds a teen club or frat party and we’ll be calling her ‘Ms. God’ by 3 a.m.â€?

“I know this girl. She gave me her blood.â€?

“She must like you. Alright, where is she?â€?

“Well… er… she, um, she recently moved to Canada?â€?

Blake locked his eyes on Simon’s, a bear-trap glare you’d have to chew your own leg off to get out of.

“Moved to Canada? Really. Stop bullshitting me, son.â€?

“Alright. I don’t know a girl. I got it from an occult supply store.â€?

“Acme Demonological Warehouse Supply?â€?

“That’s the one.â€?

“Really. They haven’t been able to ship virgin blood since it was declared a Class A Vital Humour in ‘04. Y’know, kid, it’s kind of interesting that you’re named Simon and the succubus is called Simone.â€?

Simon shivered, trapped in Blake’s pitiless stare.


“Alright! I don’t have anything to be ashamed of! I’m waiting for the right girl! Lots of guys do these days! Frak you!â€?

Blake smiled. “Thank you. Hold out your arm.â€?

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