The Story Of Three (part 4)

Back at camp Katara was looking for any edible plants as well as a large amount of certain useful herbs while Sokka was off hunting and playing with his boomerang.
“Who’s there?â€? She suddenly whispered. Then, in one quick smooth motion, she had loaded her bow and was on her feet aiming into the forest where she could sense there was someone hiding. She started slowly backing up but she never moved her eyes or her bow away from the forest. Making her way towards the safety of the waterfront seemed to be the most logical course of action.
Then, suddenly, someone burst into the clearing. It was Therrin.
“Hey there, little sister.â€? Therrin called to Katara. Then, with a glance at her sister’s drawn bow she asked “Is this how you always welcome visitors? Or do you only give this honor to those carrying food?â€?
Katara grudgingly lowered the bow and slipped the arrow back in its quiver.
“So,â€? Katara said calmly. “I guess dad sent you to spy on us again.â€?

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