Kate boarded the plane, shoving her bag in the over head. Sat down and called the attendant and ask for a drink.
She took a pill from the bottle and slammed down the drink. One more, please. The plane took off while Kate prayed.
After awhile they hit a little turbulence, she dug her nails into the mans arm sitting next to her. Then apologized sincerely.
She tried to sleep but couldn’t, insomnia, what a surprise, so she excused herself to the facilities. She started down the narrow isle running into the attendant with the cart, Kate gave her a look, then carefully squeezed passed.
It’s nothing more than a cube she told herself, taking her hanky and opening the door. She folded herself into the cube, immediately broke out into a sweat, couldn’t breath, her heart raced.
She threw the door open and took a deep breath and started back to her seat, she could feel everyone starring at her she wanted to hide. The plane landed safely.
The flight attendant reached to shake her hand, Kate just stared at it.

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