A Calling

One day, when the sun is shining,
Shining terribly bright,
The gulls sit out of view,
And the crabs will, too…

”...And out of the ocean will rise a stranger, to save the world from the impending danger. He shall be tall and slight of waist. Eager to learn, and pleasant faced…” Winnie stopped reciting the poem she had heard at a young age. “It’s talking about you isn’t it, Jonathan?” She looked at the small boy making a sandwich at the counter.
“I’m afraid so, Winnie. But, I don’t think that is my only purpose. At least, I hope not. I want to be a normal boy.”
“I want you to, too, honey, but, if that is your calling… No, you’re right.”
“I did not wish to make life hard for you. I only wanted a mother and a friend.” Jonathan smiled at the kitten by his feet. But, inside, Jonathan was worried. Worried about the danger just outside their front door.

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