“I’ll have you know, I don’t hate you.” Mrs. Thompson eyed Scarlet through the rearview mirror. Holden sat in the passenger seat. “No, I don’t hate you. I just wish my son wasn’t so… But, regardless, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have acted that way.”
“Oh, I’m sure it’s frightening to have your youngest…” Scarlet trailed off. Holden spoke up eagerly.
“Then, she and I have your blessing?”
“Blessing for what?!?” His mother and Scarlet asked simutaneously. Mrs. Thompson slammed on the brakes, invoking the rage of the ninety-two year old man behind them.
“Never_mind_…” Holden mumbled, turning his head to face the window. Scarlet was paralyzed with fear when she realized who the ninety-two year old man was.
“How quickly can we get out of the area?” She asked. “I need to leave immediately. As in… twelve hours ago!”

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