The Story Of Three (part 6)

“Someone’s coming!â€? Katara whispered silently but urgently as she drew her bow. Therrin had already drawn her sword and grabbed her shield, holding both at ready, before the bushes began to shake. Katara sensed the movement and, knowing that Therrin could handle as many as five attackers at a time, searched the surrounding woods for signs of an ambush, just incase this noisy pest was simply a distraction. Finding none she turned towards the sound while listening for any odd noises in the forest behind her.
As she watched, Sokka appeared, running as fast as he could, followed by an adult Gulu Bear. Katara had heard of Gulu Bears before but she had never seen one. Until now she had always dismissed the many tales told by travelers of Gulu Bears as tall as two story buildings. Now, however, she found herself believing every word of it.

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