Sushi Suckered

“Well,” the dragon hummed. “Okay, I’ll get the seaweed and rice. Sticky rice? I heard that is the best for Sushi.”

“Uhm, not too sticky,” the girl said. “I mean, I have no clothes on and sticky rice would be sorta clammy, cold and stick to me a lot.”

“That’s true,” The dragon agreed. “And I like you far too much to cause you discomfort. Now if you’d just lie here.”

“Ick, it feels yucky,” the girl complained, artfully displaying herself on the rice. “This look good?”

“Mavellous my dear. Now just hold still a little.”

“Not too much,” the girl coughed. “That Wasabi is a little strong.”

“My apologies,” the dragon clucked as he tied the seaweed around her, making her squeal at its slimy, cold texture. “I promise I’ll make this as quick as I can.”

“Thank you, how can I ever repay you?”

“You’ll probably help settle my stomach,” the dragon mused, lifting the sushi parcel. “That last guy gave me the worse indigestion.”

“Last guy?”

“Said he was some Duke or other, looking for a girl…”

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