Can't Talk to Trees, You and I

After two days away, I saw the green man today. When I told him that Paul had not been in school since he tripped me, the man did not seem surprised. He said it was funny, but I didn’t get it. That’s okay. I don’t get things a lot of the time.

Today he wasn’t wearing the tie anymore. He had a necklace with a pretty green rock. I said it was pretty. He said I couldn’t have it. No, I’m sorry. He said I shouldn’t have it.

We talked about the trees. He says they know many things and that they speak to him. I said I wished they would talk to me too, but he only said that’s what he’s for. That didn’t make sense to me. That’s okay. Lots of things don’t make sense to me, like why girls smell better and how come tater tots are better than french fries.

The green man said not to worry about it. He said he would have something better for me tomorrow. I hope so. He is my friend, my only true friend, even if no one else can see him. He thinks strange things are funny, but I like him.

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