Is Insanity a Job Requisite?

“I’m sorry, did you say that you’re pretending to be your now deceased brother?â€? Erma asked as she skipped to catch up.

Errol stopped for a moment, causing her to bump into his broad back. He looked around at her puzzled. “Is there an echo in here?â€? He didn’t wait for an answer, just restarted his clip down the long hallway.

Erma’s mind began to race in time with her feet. She had heard of eccentricity within the upper classes, but this seemed to be pushing the lines of sanity. Oh well, as long as he wasn’t keeping an insane wife locked in the attic.

Her guide stopped in front of a door, swinging it open with a bow. “Here are your quarters. Dinner is at eight sharp, and mother expects everyone to be dressed nicely. If necessary, you will find a dress in your closet. Questions?â€?

“Will I be meeting your father?â€? she asked him, mind still reeling.

“You already met him. Or should I say ‘her’?â€? he said with a smile before shutting the door behind him, leaving Erma staring open-mouthed at the ornate mahogany.

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