Of Witches and Heroes {Simon story}

“What’s up?â€? A voice called out. Simon turned to see Tommy, the boy who sat near him in math class.

“Hi Tommy,â€? Sarah said. “What’re you doing today, Simon?â€?

“I think something’s wrong with Mrs. B.,â€? Simon said.

“What? That old witch?â€? Tommy asked. “Who cares?â€?

Simon looked at him, curiously. Mrs. B was properly a witch, in that she practiced the Wiccan art of Witchcraft. But the term witch had another use, in which it was used as a subsitute for another word, one that would not describe the kind spirit of Mrs. B. She was the only one who’d actually been welcoming when he and his mother moved in. She said there was something powerful about Simon, and she began to teach him Witchcraft, something he took to amazingly well.

“Well, if she’s hurt or something -,â€? Sarah said, “we should try to help her.â€?

“I agree,â€? Simon said, liking Sarah all the more for wanting to help Mrs. B.

“Got nothing else to do today,â€? Tommy shrugged. “Might as well.â€?

A natural hero, Simon thought.

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