my day until lunch

Arrival – get to school in my green cargo shorts, black button down shirt, hair barely done and I’m not thinking about you.
1st period – ms. B is rattling on about anatomy and I’m not listening because I’m distracted by my thoughts which aren’t thoughts of you. “I told you to stop thinking about him.â€? “I wasn’t thinking about him until you said to stop. I’m not thinking about him now.â€? “Yes you are, because how do you know the him you weren’t thinking of?â€? silence.
2nd period – psychologically speaking, my brain is broken up into two parts, the part that I can’t get to stop thinking about you and me and the little bit you left that some call sanity.
3rd period – statistics with an old flame. I wonder if you even know that I was in the room you just walked by and if you felt an urge to ask why I was sitting so close to the boy that I used to love the smell of. But of course, I’m not thinking about you.
4th period – lunch

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