not thinking the rest of the day

4th period – Thank goodness for this supposed to be chicken cutlet they serve because not thinking of you has made me quite hungry. I wonder if you know that the girl you kissed at homecoming is sitting two tables away with her back towards me and then I wonder is she’s not thinking of you the same way I’m not.
5th period – you pass by and wrap me in your arms and I wonder if you’re just keeping up appearances or if you love my aroma the way I love yours. I walk around the corner and don’t think about you.
6th period – i have the worst seat in the house because everytime I lookup I have to look in you in those deep brown eyes and pray to god that I don’t think about you tomoorow.
7th period – i’m writing a story about a girl who’s not thinking about a boy who’s not thinking about her.

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