The Story Of Three (part 10)

“I was tracking a small deer through the forest when I spotted what looked like a large brown hill. I was curious and wanted to know why nothing was growing on it.â€? Sokka explained as Katara and Therrin ate their soup. “ As I got closer I started to think how strange it actually was and how it seemed to be moving. At first I thought that my eyes were fooling me and that it couldn’t be moving but, as I got closer and I realized what it actually was I started to think that I should be backing away instead of walking closer. Still, I just couldn’t resist the chance of being able to tell my friends that I had seen a real live Guru Bear and Have a clump of fur for proof. So I went right to it’s side and tried to cutout a lump of fur, I didn’t realize how tangled all the fur was, then I pulled. I did manage to get the fur though.â€? He said as he held it for them to see.

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