Causing Mayham {Simon story} - revised 10/9

“Why are you here?” Simon asked.

“To mess up your world a little. Again.”

“OK, check that off of your to-do list and go home.”

“Nice try, Simon. But I think we both know that the only reason you got rid of me last time was because Mrs. B was on your side.” He smiled, which was the scariest thing Simon had seen all day. “She’s not gonna be a problem now.”

“You little smeg!” Simon sent forth a spell that knocked Carl off of his runting feet.

“Is it time to play?” Carl got up. “Goodie.”

“Carl -.”


“Your name is Carl! Just because the nurses at the Institute let you read comic books -.”

“Yeah, they let me.”

The dripping sarcasm brought Simon to a realization. He saw flashes of violence, against him and the other patients. “You controlled them? You made them torture everybody? Why?”

“It was fun.”

“You’re so evil.”

“Flattery will get you – nothing,” Carl said, “I’m still mad at you.”


“You burned down my playground!” Carl sent forth a powerful spell.

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