Homecoming Hustle

Oooo the headaches that come with a highschool romance!

Well since sept. 30th (the date of “Homecoming Madness”), life has gotten a lot harder in terms of my predicament.

First off, my stalker, has been approaching me constently, and has even gone as far as pinning me between a piano and a wall. Fortunatly for me, i had an inside lady to whom the stalker told everything, so when i was told that she had written a note, including “Homecoming” and “Will you go with me”, i was ready to take evasive action, and told my inside lady to tell my stalker that i liked someone else.

Next, I heard from an unreliable source, (but a source none the less) that the girl i wanted to go with might want to go with someone else.

So needless to say, I’ve been in haveing headaches, and as my ideal plan of asking her friday seems years away, it becomes highlighted as my stalker splaps a tightly folded note to my chest.

It says exactly what you think it would, and in my sorrow, i’m taken to dinner by some good friends.

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