The Story Of Three (part 11)

“Let me guess what happened next.â€? Katara said dryly. “When you pulled off the clump of fur it pulled fur that was still connected to the bear. The bear then got angry and started to chase you. Right?â€?
Sokka nodded.
“In the morning we’ll head back to camp.â€? Katara decided.

“Oh!â€? Katara said as they arrived at camp the next day. “This is a disaster. I had no idea a bear could do this much damage.â€?
“It can’t.â€? Therrin said grimly. In response to her siblings stares she pointed at the center of the camp where there were several dozen sets of tracks visible. “I’m pretty sure that our camp had visitors, and by the looks of it the remains of a large army.â€?

Please Write More Sequels And Finish This Story For Me

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