Not So Innocent

Soft and colorful. No sharp edges. No small parts. Most likely made in China. It lures you in with its adorable face. You just want to hug it and squeeze it. And that’s what it wants. To give you comfort. Because once you trust it, that’s when it steals your soul.

The little girl clung to her stuffed dragon with all her might. She didn’t like it when her parents fought. It hurt her ears and her heart. A particularly loud shout makes her cringe deeper into the covers. She would give anything to make her parents love each other again. Then they could be a family once more. The dragon has to push a smile back down from his lips. It was time.
That night, once the whole family was asleep, the dragon put his plan into action. He would sweet talk the little girl into trading her most prized possession. And she would give it up in a heart beat. Because she only wanted a family again. And that’s what he would give her. And she would learn someday that she had aided in his ultimate return to power.

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