Superpower Cafeteria Revelation

Well, I’d like it, I think,” she said. “What’s so terrible about it?

So the first few days that it happened, when they were still trying to make us go to school, everyone was trying to figure out what their superpowers were. You know, one kid in math would be stretching his arms like silly putty to mess with some other kid in the back row, people flying down the halls, no one actually staying in class; the teachers were going crazy and they had powers too, y’know. One of them had the Command Voice, and that kept our school in order a little longer than most. It was great, but sometimes really freaky.

It’s the second day, and I still don’t know what my power is. I’m just walking around expecting to find out, you know, doing my normal thing. I go to lunch with my friends and they tell me what their powers are. I’m not totally left out; plenty of people just haven’t figured it out yet. The worst are the people who never figured out, or just didn’t have one. So we’re just goofing around in lunch…

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