Blood oozed out of her neck and Evan smirked, bent down like he would to kiss her, and licked her wound.
She wanted to slap him, to scream at him You loved me! You ASSHOLE YOU LOVED ME ! but all she could do was cry. Tears streamed down her face like the blood that streamed out of her wound where the nail and sliced her neck, followed by the tack.

“When are we killing her, bro?” Jameson whispered to Tucker, two of the torturers.
“Evan has to make sure he takes advantage of her while shes still alive. There will never be another Tracy, you know.”

The lights went out. Tracy felt something crawl over her skin and suddenly felt trapped. She couldn’t breathe, whatever was crawling over her dug into her skin and cut open the flesh, she screamed out of surprise and she felt it go into her foot and work its way up to the wound in her neck. She felt it crawl out of the wound, to expand it, to fit its size…
She tried to understand how she could have lived this long. Until she stopped living.

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