Miniature Sword Play

Blake drew forth a miniature sword from a trenchcoat pocket; moving it forward to prick Simon with it. Instinctively, Simon pulled his arm back.

“Wha…What’s that?” Simon asked.

“It’s a trap. Just need a little of your blood to activate it,” Blake replied. “And, by the way, if you were waiting for the right girl then you wouldn’t have summoned a succubus. They do only have one good use…”

“First off, frak you!” Simon sneered. “Secondly, what do you mean it’s a trap?”

Blake sighed. “Do you know what a Five Sword Banishing Pentacle is?”

“Um, yes,” Simon replied. “Actually, I do. Five swords in pentacle formation that…”

“So you do know some things,” Blake said with a wink. “Good. This is a trans-dimensional representation for one that a friend made for me.”

“Lost me there, you did.”

“This miniature sword is a representative on this dimension of a fully-assembled, fully-working Five Sword Banishing Pentacle. Understand?”

“I think so, kinda like the Tardis…” Simon replied.

“The what?” Blake asked.

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