Another Tale Told 2

“Can you feel it” she asked?
She reached out and ran her hand across the rusted doorknocker; the door hanging on by one hinge she pushed it open.
It was dark inside with little light shining through cracks of the lower boarded up windows.
She lit a candle from her knapsack.
The floorboards moaned and the candle flickered as she danced across the room turning circles to absorb the atmosphere.
Jim stood in the doorway and watched her “I can feel it” , “comm’on let’s look for coffins” he said.
“How old are you” ,“coffins” she scoffed?
“Less setup camp, then you can hunt all you want’ ,
then she kissed him.
He smiled and dropped the backpacks.
The sunset was incredible Jim lit the lanterns.
The wind had picked up so he took a chance on making a fire in the fireplace, smoke rolled into the room they heard the clatter of flappind wings “bats” he said.
The smoke cleared, they warmed a can of beans over the fire and ate then settled into the sleeping bags.

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