Another Tale Told 3

Howling started once the full moon reached the treetops.
Doors creaked and slammed as the wind whipped through the old house.
Rats chattered running from room to room.
She fell asleep in Jim’s arms.
Jim waited until Debra was sleeping soundly he slipped his arm out from under her head took a lantern and went hunting.
He found himself in the kitrchen he checked the doors and choose the wine cellar.
“If I’m lucky there will still be a bottle or two” .
He carefully descended the the rotting wooden steps leading down into the cold dark musty room.
The rats dark beady eye’s watched his every step.
Rack after empty rack, finally finding one bottle on the last rack he made the corner then stepped back,
he held the lantern out ahead of him,
he couldn’t believe it but it was a coffin, old shiny black.
Half his mind said run the other said check.
He stood there and stared, then one foot stepped closer,
just in case he looked for something to use as a stake.

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