She's a Witch

“She’s a witch!”

“Burn her!”

“Please! No!” The angered yells of townsfolk and the shrill, pleading cries of yet another innocent young woman accused to being a witch filled the village. I sighed boredly. I had to do this every time. I stepped out of the shadows.

“Let me handle this,” I said. My blonde ponytail killed the back of my head. I was glad that my hat cast a shadow over my face. I’d saved over 500 accused witches. Everyone thought I killed them. They pushed the screaming lady toward me. I brought her to my house and let her go. I took off my hat and took the stupid ponytail down.

“Wha-what are you gonna do?”

“Nothing. I’m going to give you a different life.” I looked through my wig collection as she fearfully looked around. I selected one and helped her put it on.

“You want glue?”

“To keep it on? Yeah.” I nodded and proceeded to shave her fed hair and glue on a brown wig. I gave her a new set of clothes, a whole new wardrobe, and sent her out the back door.

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