I grab what I need, and slam the medicine cabnent closed, which wasn’t too smart an idea, for it was one of those mirror on-the-wall cabnents, and the force of slamming it had caused a slight crack in the mirror. The faster I can help Shade the better. I take two steps foward and hear the sound of hail on a car’s roof – though it was bright and beautiful out. I spin on my heel impatiently, and open the cabnent. I jump back as over 50 medicine bottles come flying out at me, half of the bottles spewing their contents everywhere. The weight imbalance tips the whole cabnent itself, leaning away from the wall.

I stare at the pile of 100’s of tablets of medicine on the floor, and the unbalanced mirror. I step toward it to place the cabnent back on the wall, but to no avail. Quite the opposite actually – it flung ahead, missing me by inches, and lands with a crash, and the spine-chilling sound of glass shattering. Not knowing what to do, I flee – right into my doctor, who had come to investigate the noise.

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