Healthy Work Ethic

As evening fell in cubicle land the cleaners dropped in to share their pilfered biscuit supply with Jason. Jason didn’t say hello when Agnes spoke to him. No one ignores Agnes – especially if they want a biscuit. Agnes is a woman that Russian ninja bull-fighting Sumo Mafia members have respect for. She noticed that Jason’s usually jiggly leg was still – and after prodding him came to the obvious conclusion: Jason was quite dead.

The cleaning team with their Hoovers and toxic polish deal with dead rats, mice, pigeons and the occasional cat on a regular basis. A long time ago Agnes had dealt with a dead penguin but that was a whole other story! Whatever had happened to their friend they knew what to do.

Agnes picked up Jason, seat and all and shouldered him like a hod full of bricks. Together the cleaners headed to the furnace room to say goodbye to their friend. And to have a nice warm cuppa and maybe a few stolen biscuits.

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