Beautiful on the Inside

You’re an average girl on the outside—
Prettier than some, uglier than most,

A better figure than some, worse than others
You dress modestly, nothing too crazy.

On the outside, you seem perfectly “normal”—

You use that word, too, but you wonder,
what does it mean? What is normal?
I don’t understand—but I never will

But you’re not normal.

You’re shy—
flirting is something you’ve only heard about

You blush furiously when complimented,

You spend most of your days laughing at stuff
the things most people don’t consider remotely funny

But you’re loved.
You’ve got your pals—
the ones who can always cheer you up;
who stay on the phone for hours talking to you
about that boy

You’ve got your talents
as much as you sometimes deny it

You’ve got your respect,
and consideration.
I guess—
if other people can’t see it,
they aren’t worth it.
In many ways, you’re

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