Slip of the Tongue

Mrs. Horner was catastrophically injured when Jim Fisher, her butcher, stole her heart… She never thought she would end up committing adultery, but when he opened her heart to love again, she was a goner, and she had no intention of taking it back. After all, her romantic dreams of unrequited love had evolved into nightmares of rejection and desperate longing. Jim was something new – a man of passion with a ficlet like finesse.

“Hello, Jim. I’ve had my eyes on that long tongue in the front display. I’ll bet you’d have me tongue tied if you hand delivered that piece of meat to me later this evening,” she said with tongue-in-cheek.

“Yes, ma’am,” Jim said. “You might say that. Like I’ve been telling you. I’d really like to get something straight between you and me, and this might be my chance.”

“Ooh, I see,” Karen said. “I love it when you speak in tongues, Mr. Fisher. It makes me feel so very alive.”

“What’s that book you have?”

“Oh, it’s Juxtaposition by Piers Anthony. I love his writing.”

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