Stirring Up Trouble

“Anyway guys, this is Kayla.”

They put out their hands to shake, and they look at me oddly as I just wave to them.

Just because I’m in the mood of being mean, I decide to make them jealous, stir up some more drama.

“Me and Boxey here, B-T-W Boxey is an inside joke,” I say with a conceided smile as I put my arm around her and tilt my head, as if I owned her. “we’ve been friends forever!” I turned my head to look at her. “Remember that time when w-”

“Oh yeah! That was hilarious!” she mildly laughs as I crack-up like it was the funniest thing in the world.

Baby girl, I ain’t got a huge ol’ house I rent a room ina house.
Listen baby girl, I ain’t got a motor boat but I could float your boat..

“Oo! That’s my song! Let’s dance!” I exclaim and pull Casey out of there.

“Phew, I’m glad I got you out of there.”


“I heard that the red-head girl over there spread that you liked Josh all over the school.”

“But I don-”

“Go get her, hun.”

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