Time pt.1

Time.Above all things, this was the world’s most important resource.In the year 2035, time could make a country great, but also break great countries.The government had adopted a strict law system to prevent total breakdown in the economy, erasing all sparetime and individuality.A persons entire life was spent working, bettering the economy.If he was even 1 minute late, the whole system could collapse.Time was their most valuable resource, and it was also the least plentifull. The world meant nothing to them, they who could travel the stars if they wished to. But they did not have the time.Thus, the people were always looking for more time, eficientley destroying themselves as they looked constantly for more time to do so.All of them except for 1, the solitary crack in the wall of the law.For he, at least, had all the time in the world.

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