The Last Sane Man Alive

Leroy woke up one morning to find that everyone on earth had gone insane except him. He walked down the street and saw Mrs. Newton balancing apples on her nose while clucking like a chicken. Phillip the newsboy began using lighter fluid to set a fire escape on fire. Leroy chuckled at the irony.

He pulled up to work just in time to see his boss jump out of a window, and scream that the space Nazi’s had stolen his gold. Leroy stepped over Leanne the secretary, who was now sprawled in a heap on the ground and playing with a slinky. He walked over to his desk and began typing his resignation to Schuster and Lynn. He clicked print and watched Marvin run past his door giving a baboon a piggy back ride. He walked out to his car, turned the ignition, checked his rearview mirror, and backed out, minding the elderly man playing tag with a hat rack.

Leroy swerved in order to dodge the dancing bear. As he drove he threw a bottle of pills out the window. He now understood why his mother had warned him about using drugs.

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