Orgasm Addict

Alec and Simone took a cab.

But first, they took the cabbie.

When Simone hiked up her dress and straddled the poor bastard, he thought it was his lucky day. Sure, it was a little weird; but how could any man pass up an opportunity like that? To be fair, the cabbie wasn’t thinking with his brain at the time.

One wonders when the cabbie got a clue that something wasn’t right. Maybe it was when Simone pumped orgasm after orgasm out of him and he was still good to go, like he took an extra-strength Viagra? Was it when Alec slid in next to him and bit his wrist? A little kinky, he thought, but I’ll leave this out when I tell the story later.

No, the dumb S.O.B. didn’t catch a clue until Simone locked her thighs tight around him and his pelvis snapped like peanut brittle.

He screamed and tried to fight back, but that only made Simone more aroused, and she rode him even harder.

Simone and the cabbie both cameā€¦ and he went.

At least he died with a smile on his face.

Or was that a grimace?

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