Tigger ( May Need Anger Management )

Having once been a victim of online stalking.
I don’t want my real name ect…
splashed across anyone’s screen.
I hate to say it came out of anger at Aol sign up.
After more than hour of “sorry that name’s taken” and the assignment of at least ten numbers after everything
( I won’t remember)
Grrrr.. I looked down I was wearing my Tigger- tude tee-shirt (Tiggers my fav. I have a few tee-shirts)
so I typed in Tigger’s tripn (as in someone’s tripping out crazy ) and hit the enter key ;
expecting the ” I’m sorry” , but it accepted it so I was stuck with it.
The 2 came from account changes.
After all that yahoo put all my info on the 360 page lol.

While I’m here my pen name “Tale’s From The Script” came from bored doodling.
Why do I have two pages?
Once again “Aol” .
Couldn’t, wouldn’t give me my Tiggers page so I created another one.

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