The Low-Carb Kid Saves The Earth

“The monkeys told me I’d find you here,” said The Zoo Keeper.

The Low-Carb Kid looked up from the recipe book and said, “It shouldn’t have taken your horde of evil genius monkeys to figure out I would be in a bookstore, Zookeeper! En Garde!”

The Zoo Keeper pulled a tranquilizer gun from his coat and fired, but The Low-Carb Kid was too fast. He dodged the dart and countered with one of his special Low-Carb Kid Steak Knives, available at The knife barely missed The Zoo Keeper and stabbed the bookstore clerk, who was busy shelving books behind them.

“You fool! You can’t even aim your pathetic steak knives. What kind of superhero are you?” the Zoo Keeper said.

Before The Low-Carb Kid could reply, a pot full of steaming coffee crashed into The Zookeeper’s head. The pot shattered and the coffee spilled all over his back, making The Zoo Keeper flee in terror. It was Hot Carl: The Coffee Slinger, who had come to assist his friend, The Low-Carb Kid. The City was safe once again.

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