Heart Breaker

... Stevie, who was annoying before superpowers, and now downright unbearable, decided lunch would be a good time to test out his telekinesis by shoving me into a group of girls.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about knocking over a few stupid girls, but we had just talked about “Do unto others blah blah blah” at Sunday School, and I figured I wouldn’t appreciate being knocked over, so I told the girls I was sorry.

That’s when the strangest thing happened. At first, they all got really quiet, just staring at me. The next thing I knew they were all “He likes me. No, he likes me!” and a big fight broke out. Normally I enjoy a good fight, even between girls, but this was crazy.

Brenda, who was taller than my Dad and heavier than my brother quickly won the fight and started to walk towards me. She tried to kiss me, so I shoved her away. This only made things worse. I think she even liked me more after I shoved her.

Knowing I couldn’t outrun Brenda for long, I found the nearest closet and locked myself inside.

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