The Demented Donkey on Healthy Hill

Where am I? Shameeka wondered, looking around her at the green meadow she did not remember entering. “Shaammeeekaaaa!” something brayed. Shameeka looked around startled. Who was calling her?
Her eyes fell on a donkey, one that appeared to be missing a kidney?!
“What do you want?”she said hesitantly.
“Come to Heaalllthy Hillll, Shameekaaaaa!”
“Um, I don’t think I want to.” Shameeka said taking a step backward.
The demented donkey was approaching quite quickly.
“Shhaammeeekkaaa.” it brayed. “Shaameekaa.!”
“What?!!” she said frantically backing away.
“Come to Heeaaalllthy Hilllllll, Shameeeekaaaaa!”
She realzed that she had stepped off the edge of a cliff that had come out of nowhere.She opened her mouth to scream…
And then woke up.
She was back in World History.She sighed in relief and got up to go turn in her test.When she turned around a guy in a donkey suit was standing there.”Come to Heeaaalllthy Hilllllll, Shameekaaaa!” She ran screaming from the room.

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