A Dream?

As the door shuts behind me, I lean back against its hard, cool surface. Barely a moment has passed before the door pushes against me, opening slightly. He slips inside.
We stare at each other.
“I couldn’t leave without a hug,” he whispers.
A smile spreads across my lips. We embrace. One hand caresses my back then shifts to caressing my side. When his thumb grazes my left breast, a slight sigh escapes me.
He gently sweeps me off my feet and carries me to the bed. His strong hands remove my clothing and gingerly explore my body. Soft moans whisper past my lips. I can feel his body responding to my enjoyment.
I slide my hand under his shirt and lift it over his head. As if this is the signal he has been waiting for, I quickly become filled with purest pleasure. Neither of us hold back as the walls shake with the reverberation of our combined bliss.
As I return from the height of my feelings, I feel him give me one last kiss. I sigh and open my eyes to say goodbye, but he is gone.

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