Those Of Us Who Think People Care To Know Where Our Pen Names Came From... A Mischievous Plot Begun By That Squirt, Stovohobo... A Story of Yeah Write And How She Came To Be Yeah Write... A Ficlet of Epic Proportions

Before her discovery of weemees from the magical land of weeworld (©, ®, ™, etc.) sponsored by aim (also ©, ®, ™, etc.), the young scholar scoured the internet for buddy icons! As she toiled away, she came across one that read “ficlets” in black letters. Though the icon was plain, the word itself was quiet intriguing and this is how the ordinary girl, bored to a state of mild to moderate insanity, came across a very interesting website known only by few as “!” Upon this discovery, the girl was enthralled. Everything was brilliant! It was a social website in which no names nor personal information was shared, much to the liking of her parents. And the best part was the writing, a hobby she had practiced until the theft of her beloved laptop (and along with it, all of her masterful stories). There was but one problem—a penname was required—And since sarcasm was simply racing through her veins (and creativity was not) she named herself…YEAH WRITE ! (it’s a pun! Laugh! I command you! Laugh!)

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