Duping Duke

So this was what a dimensionally compacted dragon home was like.

Of course it became immediately obvious what the dragon’s problem was. He didn’t need a supply of virgins, what his digestive and immuniological system was calling for were chilli dogs.

Simple as that, a good dose of three tons of chilli dogs would have his stomach and lifestyle back to normal in no time.

Well everyone knew the best Chilli dogs came from Steakxas, so she’d have to encourage him to fly there.

During the day of course. It wouldn’t do to have the various villages he passed throw several more errant virgins onto him. Honorable creature that he is, the dragon would feel duty bound to eat them and then bang would go his diet all over again.

She was standing before the crystal, figuring out the intricacies of getting to Steakxas, when the footsteps came up behind her.

“Well,” said the Duke. “This turned out rather well don’t you think?”

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