Dusty's Wedding, Part IV

It seemed as if a thousand people were packed into the tiny church. The aisle seemed impossibly long. She couldn’t believe she had to walk the length of it; her feet hurt just thinking of it. She looked down and her charm bracelet glittered by the light of the candles that lined the aisle. Looking down again she noticed that the blue dragon was missing from her bracelet. But she was already walking towards Tom and who knew where it had fallen. Panic suddenly overcame her, her breath catching in her throat. She wanted to run back to the limo. “Are you OK?” her father asked but she had no breath or time to answer – she was already at Tom’s side. Tom’s black eyes bored into hers as he whispered, “What’s wrong? Everybody’s going to think you don’t want to marry me. Why aren’t you smiling, do you want to make me look bad?”
“No, it’s just that .. It’s just that I lost the blue charm I had on my bracelet and it’s probably back in the limo, I can probably be back in a minute or so..” Dusty’s eyes pleaded with him.

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