Insecurity=Plastic Surgery

“OMG! look at my thighs, they don’t just touch, they overlap!”, A severly anorexic wannabe actress named Marli said.
“If you think thats bad look at my chin, I don’t just have double chins I have quadruple chins!”, a bone thin women wailed, pinching her neck.
“Thank gawd for liposuction…and boob jobs” Marli said with a smile, pointing to her new fresh from the surgery table boobs.
“Who did those? they look so real!”, the second woman said, fiddling with her chin fat.
“Dr. Payne, the best guy in LA”, she replied.
A door opened and Marli watched as a woman sat down next to them and started to read a Cosmo magazine.
“Ewww…can you say major tummy tuck?!”, Marli whispered pointing to the woman.
“I know and those thighs…” she replied looking disguistly out of the corner of her eyes.
“Amanda Fohgerty, please come with me” A nurse said calling out into the waiting room.
“I’m off to get a thinner chin”, Amanda said and happily walked into the hallway.
“So what are you here for?’, Marli asked.

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