Lost in the Rough

“So what would they want with a Primary Power Core?” Strake asked

“Strip naked and dance around it in lewd displays of carnal knowledge,” Jiana replied.


“Come on, stupid, what on earth would anyone want to have a Primary Power Core for?”

“Make a bomb?” I suggested.

“Hey, give the monkey a banana, make sure it’s peeled first.”

“But if they make a bomb out of that…”

“It will be big enough to blow up the planet and any ships idiotic enough to lose their Primary Power Core and stuck orbiting it.”

“We’ve got to get that Power Core back.”


“Where is it?”

“Somewhere in Lordun.”

“Just, somewhere in Lordun?”

“Well I did have a good lead on the Marauders who stole it then some guy in a blue Porsche drove into them, they ran, set up an ambush and caught me.”



“So we’ve got to find it.”


“Should be pretty easy, I mean those things are big aren’t they.”

“Really big,” Jiana agreed. “About the size of a golf ball.”

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