We are the Right Now

In the stillness of a summer night, I can’t tell if I’m awake or dreaming.

Everything around me is coated in a fine layer of music, drenched in sharps and flats and flowing strangely in a sweet idyllic tune. My heartbeat keeps the meter of a metronome.

And as the warm air flows through the slightly opened window, I know that this is my overture. This is my beginning. And I can almost imagine that somewhere outside my window, the stars bear witness to this rebirth and send down their own dissonant chords in subtle syncopation.

Each note reverberates through me in a tremor of emotion. Each sigh, each glance expands into a song.

And can you hear me? Separated by space and time, perhaps, but tied together in the music of this night, this moment. I can almost feel you there, on the fringes of my consciousness, sharing with me this summer’s song, this symphony, filled with all it means to be here and alive and happy, if only for this one moment.

We are the right now. And we are infinite.

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