An Accidental Discovery


Yes, I know I’m amazing. No need to tell me about it. For example, no boy could ever have figured out that holding an Uncle Louie action figure out of the window would make Perry, the ultimate Uncle Louie and the Polka Dots junkie, come scuttling across that branch, forgetting his fear of heights just like that.

“Wow.” Wendall looks at me in obvious admiration. “So, where to?”

“Well,” I say, thinking, “Maybe we should start where the wallaby last was. Other than outside, I mean. Like, that room right below us.”

“Okay!” Perry says, entirely too loudly.

“Shh!” We both say. But we’ve barely walked down the hall when he pipes up, “Dude! Check out all those books!”

Now, I don’t make a habit of admitting that Perry is right. But the library turned out to be an amazing discovery. “Maybe we could look up something about Uncle Louie,” I say.

“And wallabies,” Wendall adds.

“Look at this!” Perry exclaims. It’s a picture of Uncle Louie. But the caption reads; “Leader of the Baskerville Bandits.”

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