To Keep a Dragon

Gaspard had always been fascinated by dragons. He could watch them for hours. (And, since becoming an archmage artificer, he could even do it in safety.) He felt they were noble beasts, and their reputation as virgin-devourers was entirely unfair—they really only turned to virgins when their preferred food-chain niches (cattle, deer, elk, and so on) were depopulated. Virgins yielded very little meat, and dragons who ate them exclusively were prone to all sorts of gastrological problems.

If only there were a way for someone to stay with a dragon—to oversee its health, diet, and behavior—these problems could be solved, and perhaps dragons’ reputations could be redeemed. Then it occurred to Gaspard that perhaps he could make such a way.

There would need to be some incentive for the dragonkeepers, though. And then he had it! Create a luxurious dwelling, dimensionally compacted, powered by dragon magic. Provide for the keeper’s needs as they provided for the dragon’s—symbiosis!

Gaspard got right to work.

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