Music To My Ears

Music flooded my ears as I tried writing. Infact, it was one of my favorite songs. Music inspires me, and I don’t listen to those who say that I have a bad taste in music. Music makes me who I am.
Without music, I wouldn’t be the irritating person next to you, practically breaking your eardrums.Not to mention the windows.
My friends tell me to stop singing because I have a horrible voice. But I don’t pay them attention, partly because I can’t hear them. I’m usually listening to music.
Music makes me feel, it brings the emotion out of me. music can change a life. It has changed mine.

I just love how the tune flows through your entire body in a slow melodic rhythym.

Music hypnotizes me, it intrigues me. It also gets me singing.

Song can be looked at as a type of poetry.
I look at it as more.Much more.

If I close my eyes, I don’t just feel the music,
I experience it.

You should give it a chance.

Close your eyes, are you experiencing it yet?

Because I am!!

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