The Fate of Storm Cruiser

Morgan’s head snapped around, searching for the source of the scream. His eyes came to rest on Quarry.
What? It couldn’t have been her…
Quarry was a reserved type of girl, she wasn’t quiet, she just wasn’t one for random displays of extreme emotion. Unfortunately one look at her pale, wide-eyed face confirmed Morgan’s suspitions. He followed her line of sight and gasped. A huge wave, at least 60 or 70 feet high was about to crash over the ship!
Seline knew they had to get out of there, or risk being washed overboard. Another flash of lightning lit the doomed ship and she saw the solution. The Captain’s Cabin was the nearest shelter to them, if they could make it in time…
Seline lunged, grabbed the door handle and flung it open, screaming with more volume then she knew she was capable of. “GUYS! IN HERE !!!!” Morgan, Rory and Quarry seemed to wake up from the horrified stupor they were in and rushed towards the door.

Judging from the sounds outside, they had made it in the nick of time.

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