I took a deep breath,smelling the cold air. It filled my lungs quickly.
I could hear the snow crunching everytime I step. The whole scene makes me feel serene.
The Christmas lights reflect off the store windows, tinting them with a shininess.

I walk over, gently toughing the ice-like glass. I can see a girls face in the glass, a streak of light going across her rosie cheeks.

There is a miniature village on display, on the other side of the window.

The store keeper generously smiles at me, I respond with a wave.

The girl in the reflection smiles too, she has a kind smile, it offers a sense of comfort. She has a red scarf wrapped tightly around her neck.

Who is this girl? I ask myself, for she looks familiar.

Someone in the background’s yelling “Julienne!”.

Then it dawns on me, that’s who’s reflection it is, staring blankly back at me.It’s Julienne’s!

I am Julienne.

The girl in the reflection. With rosie cheeks with the streak of light passing through it.

A streak of hope. . .

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