Shadows in the Night, XVI

It seemed to be creeping towards a faint patch of moonlight on the ground.

Iellia blinked, and rubbed her eyes before looking out the window. Alright, she thought, wrapping her arms around herself and shivering. That definitely rules out my imagination.

She glanced at the clock again, and it read 11:59.

Then the clock began to shake.

Iellia blinked again, and stared at the clock. What the…She heard something ticking, and turned to stare at the clock that was hanging on the wall above her dresser. It said the same thing, but the second hand was creeping closer and closer to twelve.

“Five,â€? she said, turning to stare out the window again before glancing again at the clock. “Four,â€? Iellia started to turn towards the window again when she noticed that the doorknob on her door was jiggling. “Three.â€? Everything in the room stared to shake, and Iellia’s eyes widened. “Two,â€? she whispered as the shadows in the room seemed to get larger and loomed at her from every corner of the room.


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