The Shadow Wraith

A glow filled her room and that’s when she knew everything would be all right.
Everything would be all right…
At that moment she knew.
Iellia Rodisha Indigo was the Shadow Wraith. The shadows disentegrated, she could hear their screams.
Shadows with there fury fight
Evil in the dark of night
When they hear they shall take flight
From the Wraith’s purifying light.

Then the glow disappeared and in its place stood a boy about her age. Iellia knew instinctively that this was her Guardian, and that he was not human. He smiled at her.
“Now you are ready.”
He motioned for her to follow him, Together they left the house. Outside he turned into a peagusus and she climbed atop his back.
He broke into a gallop and with a flap of his mighty wings they took to the air.

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